pre-order: Brighter Arrows – Dreamliner LP

i’m stoked to announce that the pre-order for Brighter Arrows’ upcoming album ‘Dreamliner‘ is up now! the album will be out on june 30th and the european version will come with awesome purple coloured vinyls.
pre-order from here: PRE-ORDER

you can get a first but small impression from this video:

on their third record and first album BRIGHTER ARROWS make a big step and turn from a mid-90s emo band into a grown-up indie-noise outfit. a deep and loud bass smashes right in your face while sometimes scratchy and filthy guitar sounds and lower vocals go with the rhythm. still you can hear that it’s the same band which recorded “division and what it is to abide” when those nice and beautiful melodies appear. “dreamliner” is a perfect album for both noise, indie and emo lovers!

another track will be released soon aswell!