Willy Fog, Locktender & Amber preorders up!

Dear friends,

I am more than happy to announce that three(!) upcoming releases are up now for preorder:

The first album of the German bad boys WILLY FOG it finally out. On this record the band totally created their own style of music, so I can’t really tell what genre it is. Maybe a mix of Emo-Punk and Postrock. Raw and emotional vocals with German lyrics team up with great soundwalls.
Preorder special: All records include a self-made patch!

Album stream: http://icorruptrecords.bandcamp.com/album/harlekin-geisterpfeifenfisch
Order here: http://icorruptrecords.com/product/preorder-willy-fog-harlekin-geisterpfeifenfisch-12
Out on April 4th.

It isn’t a big secret that Locktender from Cleveland, Ohio, are probably the most productive band at this time. Inspired by the works of 19th century’s artist and sculptor Auguste Rodin the band is now putting out their newest full-length ‘Rodin’.
After their first album ‘Kafka’, they now deliver four diversified tracks about arts and beauty, filled with lots of emotions, rough tensions and beautiful moments.
Somewhere between atmospheric post-hardcore, screamo and post-metal Locktender definitely create their own sound with this record.
The record come is in a thick gatefold cover, with creamy white vinyl and will be out in time for their European tour with The Reptilian which is going to happen in May 2014.

Album stream: http://www.scenepointblank.com/news/records/2014/03/02/spb-exclusive-stream-locktender/
Order here: http://icorruptrecords.com/product/preorder-locktender-rodin-12
Our on April 1st

Two of the most interesting bands these days team up to release a killer EP. Amber from Germany play an awesome mix of post-hardcore, post-metal and sludge. Heavy soundwalls and aggressive vocals form a bombastic piece of music here.
Locktender on the other side couldn’t be a better match for this split record. With ‘The Piazza’ the band delivers a forward going and epic song.

Stream: http://www.scratchthesurface-webzine.com/2014/03/amberlocktender-stream.html
Order here: http://icorruptrecords.com/product/preorder-amber-locktender-7
Out on April 1st

Right now I am working on the new releases of Euryale (Kokomo + Terraformer), Argos and I Am A Curse. More news on that soon.

Take good care,