Upcoming releases & current situation

Just a heads up about two upcoming releases and the current label’s situation:

EURYALE – s/t 12″ will be out in a few days. This is a side project with all members of Kokomo and Terraformer. Preorder is still running. Stream the record via bandcamp:

Next one will be the new album of I AM A CURSE, called ‘Sequel for an Unforgiving Wreckage: Civil Wars’. This will be out in the middle/end of June. Preorders will be up in the beginning of June. In case you don’t already know them: they are from France and they are heavy as fuck! If you like bands like Birds In Row, No Omega and Alpinist, you will definitely love them!
And in fact you can already listen to the record here, enjoy: http://iamacurse.bandcamp.com/

Since I am moving to Cologne right now and will be on tour with Locktender and The Reptilian soon, the webstore is limited to only all ICR release and a few distro items. All other distro items will be available again in June, when I’m back from tour.